Frial Valencia is the KFC of Bolivia

There's so many cliches going on here it's insane. Dusty, worn down shop that Butch Cassisdy and the Sundance Kid probably holed up in at some point, CHICKENS BOXING, no door. I'm surprised they're not actually smoking a cigar whilst punching communists in the face too. MUST EAT HERE.


Coq'hot may have trouble with its branding come international expansion time

Might need a name change. Quite liking the mascots though, which include anthropomorphic chicken with beer belly, chicken in bikini, and largely naked bondage chicken with a chain mail mask on his face.


Man, KFC in Eindhoven is in a cathedral

Either that or Dutch Google Maps is just wrong. We can't Street View it to find out owing to those silly little European town roads, although even if we could we probably wouldn't bother.

Here's a review of this Gothic branch of the Colonel's finest:

"‪Kentucky Fried Chicken is the leader in fastfood in my opinion, it's meals are way better than McDonalds, which has bad quality of burgers. It's a bit more expensive, but; what you pay is what you get, I prefere the 'Zinger Box'‬‎



The Kebab Kid isn't so strong and tough as Milky Bar sibling

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As his brother Kebab Kid used to be in Milky Bar Kid's entourage, naturally, but then he got hugged the F out by Jeremy Piven, and now he just lazes around in West London all day, dwelling on his 15 minutes of reflected glory.


Pasta Brown, Covent Garden

Food, the colour it's not really supposed to be.