How do you name a chicken shop today? Crowdsource it, bitch

Not all takeaways have grasped how the internet works, but a few entrepreneurial sorts are taking a few, shaky steps into the world of web 2.0. First we had the chicken shack with its own MySpace profile, and now we've got another place getting in on the latest web buzzword, crowdsourcing, which is another way of saying fuck it off, let's get some chat room flies to do our work for us.
One Yahoo forums peep turned to the message boards to come up with a name for their potential new chicken shop, and the suggestions make for interesting reading:
Naturally you've got the naively earnest type who fails to grasp the innate comedy value in chicken shops (A woman, I might add).
Then you've got the "joker". They're only in their teens now, but later in life they'll wear novelty ties to work and buy a singing fish trophy off eBay for the nostalgia value. Then they'll put it on the wall of their cubicle at work, but without the battery, because the boss wouldn't want it going off in the middle of a meeting about the best way to market fire alarms to the consumer.

But, as always with the internet, it does come down to one thing though: sex. God bless you, Tim Bernard-Matthews or whatever your name is.
Is it wrong that I'm turned on by women suggesting euphemisms for chicken shops? I think it is.

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