This chicken shop has a MySpace profile, and it is awesome

I have to fess up: sometimes, I just type "fried chicken" into Google Maps along with a place name and see what comes up. It's sad, yes. It's the web 2.0 version of stamp collecting. But man, look what I found:
Wings N Tingz. Niccceeee. What "tingz" though? And why isn't it on Street View if it's in the country's second city? I don't know, but to make amends for that, the owner has given the shop its own MySpace profile. With a logo that is just fitness:
I've never met the chicken, but you can tell he's the avian equivalent of one of those Iranian expats who greases his hair, drives around in a 1994 Audi with leather upholstery and can generally be found chirpsing all the flyest Persian honeys on the Edgware Road.

It gets better though, check out the comments:
Oh Kiesha. Wings N Tingz can't possibly "roll through your spot" and show you any love BECAUSE IT IS A BUILDING AND CAN'T MOVE. Also note that no-one's said anything for over a year.

Wings N Tingz should totally join FaceBook, MySpace is sooo 2005. Then we can poke each other and play Scrabble over a few virtual spicy wings.

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