Aspirational Kebab Photography

Kebabs? Tasty, but have somewhat of an image problem. However, this has all been solved:(Apologies about the reflection on the picture. Natural light is a horrible thing)

Plastered in the window of one kebab shop are these aspirational images. Now young couples dream of getting on the property ladder, decking the place out in flatpacked shite from Ikea, popping out a critter, and then munching down on a lamb kofte.

Just look at the sleek lighting of the two on the left. Can you just imagine yourself driving down Route 66, in a medium-priced American convertible, 80's soft rock blasting, toned, permed, mildly attractive female fitness model in one arm, greasy chicken doner in the other? Living dream, baby, living the dream.

The one on the right is even better though:Are you a working girl out on the town? Do you and your girlfriends argue over which one of you is Carrie, which is Kim Cattrall, and which is the ugly ginger lesbian? Then you need a greasy meat in a roll! "Take me Home"?!? The slogan might as well be "Be a slag - Have a kebab!" Wow, you really are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen eating a kebab.


Feel rough in the morning? This place also offers nutritious breakfasts 'every weekends'!

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