If you lie about the location of your business, it'll fail

Case in point, Central London Group Grill Bar, which is at the end of a residential street, 10 miles away from what could be considered central London:
Have you ever watched The Wire? It looks like a boarded up Baltimore tenement block. Bubbles was probably running it until he rediscovered heroin, or looked at a map.

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  1. I used to live really near there - it's on Northfield Avenue in Ealing - which is, as you well describe Not Even Remotely Central London. If you look in the windows there are loads of houseplants growing around the formica tables and orange (IIRC) pleather seats. I think I saw a cat in there once. Ok, so I was mildly obsessed with the place, and trying to work out whether or not it was ever occupied. I concluded that a mad old woman probably owned it, and occasionally sniffed the curtains just for that old time scent of rancid grease from when she could still deep fry 200 eggs a day.


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