Stylish headwear for the modern chicken about town.

In an attempt to distract myself from the pointlessness of existence, I have started to analyze the various hats that the cartoon chicken wear on the fascia of chicken shops.

A common theme, often found on a 'Texas Fried Chicken' or indeed a 'Texa', is a cowboy hat.
It is a classic look. It recalls the strength and the values of the myth of the American West. It's also a little camp. Plus, that red splodge this in the middle of hat means that he's the sheriff. Or he splattered ketchup on his hat.
This is another take on the classic look. He's gone for a simple all-white design, topped off with a snappy black band. He knows the score.

Here's our old friend from Royal Taste:He rocks the crown. You know why he rocks the crown? Cause he's the King. Bitch.

And here is the most disturbing one:We've featured Munch Inn before, but awful puns aside, it didn't seem that evil. He's wearing a chef's hat. On the surface, not a bad, what with him being a restaurateur and all. But think about it. He cooks and serves other chickens. He's a MOTHERF*CKING CANNIBAL, for Christ's sake! You might as well just call your joint Hannibal Lecter Fried Chcken! "I'm going to eat your wings with a side of beans and a nice Dr Pepper!"


  1. On the second pic, what are New Tennessee Chicken and Rips?

  2. Rips? Make about much sense as biscuits at fried chicken shops...


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