Dosa Hut: In no way affiliated with Pizza Hut

So, you know all this shizzle about Pizza Hut being rebranded to become Pasta Hut? Do people really want that healthy stuff? More importantly, do Pizza Hut's discerning clientele want that? If it succeeds, is it going to become Veggie Hut?

Which brings us to the purpose of the post. Fig. 1 - The Pizza Hut Logo:Fig 2 - Middlesex vegetarian restaurant Dosa Hut:
Ok it's not the first place to blatantly rip off Pizza Hut. But what I'm really loving is the people this banging joint is bringing in. Check this guy up close:
I'm loving the 90s stylings. Bright blue denim. Stupidly padded jacket. He looks like he could an extra in Short Circuit 2 (Or if you're a total geek like me, drawn by Rob Liefeld).

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