Pizza Hot closed down, but not for the reason you'd think

Takeaways seems to exist in a murky legal area when it comes to intellectual property. Pret sandwiches that steal the Apple logo, fried chicken shacks named after politicians - don't even get us started on Frangos. Now we've found a place called Pizza Hot. Not Pizza Hut, Pizza Hot.

Runcorn based Pizza Hot has hit the headlines, in the Warrington area anyway, because it's just been shut down by the food standards Gestapo for "inadequate hand washing and toilet facilities, rubbish and waste fat stored in food preparation areas, dirty walls, floors and equipment and poor food handling practices." Not because of the copyright theft going on with the name or anything.

We're not sure where Runcorn is, but it must be somewhere rubbish, because it's not on Google Street View. This is the only image we could find. You can't see much, but they've clearly lifted a font from Microsoft Word.
We think it's Comic Sans. Italic.


  1. that font is actually Mistral. :)

  2. Excellent work, good spot! Too late to save Pizza Hot though...


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