Yet Another Unofficial Endorsement

I'm sure you're aware of the horrible soul-destroying nightclub chain Oceana, but if you're not from the UK, or if you would look out of place as a guest on the Jeremy Kyle show, I'll explain.
Small cities and towns across the UK normally have one club, and one club only, where lower income folk the likes of The Enemy and Hard-Fi sing about can get their crunk on at the weekend. The venue usually offers R'n'B, Party Classics, cheap lager, possibly under-age girls in slutty dress and a 60-75% chance of having your teeth kicked in by the end of the night. In the last few years, these places have been bought up by the same chain and all re-branded as Oceana, sucking out whatever little soul they had like some sort of Commercial Dance loving captalist vampire. They also hilariously claim to offer 'The World In One Night' due to their practice of having lame 'themed' rooms.

However, when such a nightclub in Swansea was bought and converted into an Oceana (I believe it was called Time before, though don't quote me on that), the owners of the kebab shop next door spied an opportunity:
Holy unofficial product tie in, Batman! Nice use of a triangle instead of an 'A' to avoid copyright infringement too.

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