I've found a place that sells those chicken shop boxes, now I need a reason to buy some

If you've ever been in a high street chicken shop in the UK (and let's face it, if you haven't, why are you here?) you'll have been given a coronary in one of those red and orange boxes with "Freshly cooked, just for you" and various other lies scrawled down the side.
Want to replicate that feeling of 3am on a Friday night in your own home though? Now you can. £31.63 will get you 300 of these from this here wholesaler. Hot, tasty AND tender. Buy some! They'd be ideal as party bags for kids' birthday soirees, mantelpiece ornaments, or just to, you know, put stuff in.

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  1. I predict an order from one H Blumenthal. Only a matter of time before an ironic fried chicken dish appears on the menu at the Fat Duck.


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