Lion's Fried Chicken, Brockley, East London

OK, this is by no means the worst chicken shop sign we've seen. But I'm most intrigued by the choice of name. What in the gay blue hell have lions got to do with fried chicken? Considering its East London location, and therefore close proximity to several art colleges, I'd like to think it was named by fashion students going for an America's Next Top Model vibe. "That's right, Tyra, it's EDGY, it's FIERCE!" "Yeah, FIERCE like a LION!"


  1. It's in south east London, not east London - an important distinction. No one south of the river speaks about living in "east London".

    Remember that, or I'll set the lion's on ya.

  2. All those bllaaaaady Londoners north of the river, with their tube lines and everything :)

  3. lions is fucking gangster dont chat shit bout lions.

    by fergal- south london


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