Takeaways unofficially endorsed by famous people #1: Arabic Barbecue

Off the back of Obama Fried Chicken and Jackie Chan's, I'm starting up a new regular series on this, as there are too many prime examples out there. First up, the Arabic Barbecue in Wuhan, China.
Is that a picture of Osama Bin Laden on the sign?
Better believe it. Says sherif, the TEFL bloke who took this photograph: "I asked the owner why he used his picture and he said because Bin Laden is a famous Arab and because in the picture Bin Laden is gesturing a one and each kebab stick that he sells is one Chinese Yuan."

I would have gone with an Arab who isn't responsible for the deaths of thousands, but now you mention the symmetry with the fingers, it makes headsmacking sense.

Oh, and to anyone who doubts I'm going to top this one, just watch me.

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