Takeaways unofficially endorsed by famous people #3: Ken Livingstone Coffe Shop

I would dearly love to know how the idea for this stand in Kochi, South India, came about. Was it to celebrate His Holiness arriving with an entourage bigger than TI's last year? Full marks for the typo too.
I told you I would top Osama Bin Laden Kebab. Maybe I should start a new feature about takeaways named after Islamic extremists. Oh, and anyone who spots a Boris Johnson Burger, please tell us.

It turns out the Ken Livingstone Coffee shop is several years old. The Daily Mail coverage is surprisingly balanced, but the comments of course are not.

Says John from Surrey (Home counties, natch): "The owner of the coffee shop may lose a lot of customers - has he thought of that?"

I do love the idea that Daily Mail readers have a sense of humour just like its headlines.


  1. That's enough to put me off my Madras. Although when I'd get the shits next day, I'd know who to think of.

  2. I think of Ken whenever I'm taking a dump ever since he tried to force through the West London tram. OUTRAGE RAMBLE NIMBY etc etc.


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