Fictional Chicken Shops #1: Tenessee Fried Chicken, Hellblazer

We at Meat In A Roll are interested in chicken shops wherever they may be, be it West London, East London, South London, or in this case, a comic book set in South East London.
This is issue 235 of seminal Vertigo comics series Hellblazer, which chronicles the exploits of anti-hero magician John Constantine and was also the inspiration for a crap Keanu Reeves film. In its eighties heyday, the series was lauded for its biting critique of Thatcherite Britain. This issue is one of the first from writer Andy Diggle, who was praised for casting the same venomous eye over contemporary Britain. So how does he depict 21st century UK? By featuring a scene in chicken shop, of course! (click on the image to make it readable)Let's look at how well they do. First up, it's located in Deptford, a suitablly scuzzy part of London. Good choice. It's named 'Tenesee Fried Chicken'. It follows the golden rule of naming the chicken shop after a southern state that isn't Kentucky. More importantly though, they've spelt Tennessee wrong. Nice touch!

It gets better. Look closely at the cups. That's right, they've made sure to include that bastion of the chicken shop experience: badly photoshopped logos. Talk about authenticity.
It's not all perfect though. Look at the clientele. What's up with the red and black hoops? What, does he think he's in Franz Ferdinand or something? Popular indie bands don't frequent chicken shops.
That's not the biggest error, though. Look, they seem to be eating off plates! Plates in a chicken shop! Well, la-di-da! Bit bleedin' posh, ain't it? They've even got some mustard on the side! Talk about grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. It was all going so well! Oh well. We appreciate the effort.

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  1. Ok, so I think I have been reading this website for about 4 hours. I'm a vegetarian. FML.

    Anyway, I am now considering what restaurants would appear in other comics. Roy's Rolls would clearly feature in V for Vendetta, for a start.


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