Fast food chains of the world #2: Obama Fried Chicken

Interesting fact: along with access codes for the army's nukes, the President of America is also given the secret recipe to the Colonel's finger lickin' recipe after being sworn in.

With this in mind, the powerful KFC lobby will no doubt be pushing a bill through in Washington after hearing this: two different Obama Fried Chicken shops have popped up in New York since the new president was sworn in.
Bizarrely, they've not gone down well with the locals. Apparently, naming a takeaway after a president is racialist or something.
“Why name it that? Just because Obama is black, they’re going to put his name on a fried chicken place in a black neighborhood?”, said one offended youth.

Apparently so. Unfortunately we can't confirm if the menu in either "restaurant" offers the German made "Obama fingers", but we'll let you know if that changes.
Can we change the frozen food market? Yes we can etc etc. Photos taken by some people with too much time on their hands called Paul Lowry and jpchan.

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