Leeds Chinese takeaways have awesome pop culture references

Maybe it's the lack of iodine in the water, maybe they've only just discovered VHS players, but whatever the cause, Leeds has the best named Chinese takeaways I've ever seen. Case in point number one: Jackie Chan's

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The interwebs says it's a takeaway, at least. It could just be some words on a wall, as the area doesn't look like it's progressed beyond a subsistence economy yet. Either way, a bit of unlicensed famous person endorsement always goes down well with us, especially when it's the star of Police Story.
Now, case in point number two: Jet Lee, which is supposedly open for business on Just-Eat.
Technically, spelt wrong but whatever. Liking this Chinese martial art star trend. Unfortunately, there's no Street View for this one as it appears to have undergone a name change. To what though? Sammo Hung? Michelle Yeoh? Chuck Norris? Nope:

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Double Dragon!
Almost makes up for the crap weather and people trying to talk to you on the train all the time, because they're just so friendly up there.

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