Finding love in a chicken shop

I'm sure you're aware of The London Paper's popular 'Lovestruck London' section, with its typical "Thursday, 9.30am, Bakerloo line; you were the Cheryl Cole look-a-like reading War and Peace wearing a university hoodie and a short skirt, I was the overweight 40-something with ketchup stains on my T-shirt staring at your breasts over my X-Men comics. Drink?" emails.

Well, in the spirit of of the site I submitted this:

"You were the well buff girl with 'Delicious' written on her pink tracksuit ordering a family bucket of chicken from the the Texas Fried Chicken on Fulham Palace Road on Saturday night. I was the guy in the New Era cap arguing with the guy on the till. Our eyes met as I left. You is sooooooo fine. Drink, innit? - DJ Wilhelm"

Updates when when/if it is printed/ when I have hot date at the Hammersmith Community centre

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