KFC grilled chicken is retarded

For all the incorrectly spelled chicken shop signs and unofficial celebrity endorsements we've blogged about, we've not actually covered KFC so far. That's largely because they charge about £72.19 per wing, but also because they do stupid things like KFC Grilled Chicken:
Apparently, KFC is going to start grilling chicken to get health conscious people back in their restaurants. Never mind that chips and coke still won't go down with these "healthy" people, isn't the whole point of KFC the fried skin? I don't think I've ever actually finished the actual meat of a leg there before.

Reports AP: "I think the colonel would be happy," [a customer] said of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders.

I think the Colonel would run a train through anyone who messed with his secret recipe. That's how good ol' southern boys do.

Full pointlessness here, along with a picture of a balding man committing heresy.


  1. "Never mind that chips and coke still won't go down with these "healthy" people"

    KFC serves Pepsi not Coke, its the only downside to eating there.

  2. KFC serve Pepsi not Coke, the fools.

  3. The chip packets are too small as well. Though maybe that's part of this new health conscious KGC lark.


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