New American Fried Chicken, Hanwell, West London

Minutes from the New American Fried Chicken design meeting:
CEO1: So, we need a design for the front of the shop. Any ideas?
CEO2: Ok, we're a chicken shop. I'm thinking chickens.
CEO1: I like it!
CEO2: I'm thinking maybe a cartoon chicken......?
CEO1: It's been done before. Too passe.
CEO2: Yeah, you're right.
CEO1: Hmmmm.....
CEO2: Hmmmm......
CEO1: I've got it! Why not have a REALLY BIG picture of a REAL LIFE CHICKEN! With feathers and everything!
CEO2: Yes! We are so good at chicken.

The end result is actually a touch reminiscent of this B-movie classic:


  1. Any post this great must have at least one comment! Love the blog. Keep up the finger lickin' good work.

  2. Brockley eh? You might enjoy this'un then http://meatinaroll.blogspot.com/2009/04/lions-fried-chicken-brockley-east.html


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