The greatest eating emporium in West London

Northfields, West London, is probably best known to most as a sort of Purgatory between Central London and Heathrow Airport. It's much more than that though: just outside the tube station is a rather superb row of fast food establishments. Right, you have a Chicken Spot, next to a Pizza Spot, and in between the two there's a sign sticking out for the dearly departed Kebab Spot.
Man, just check out the clientele. You've got a kid that looks like Lethal Bizzle, with a girl that looks like Vicky Pollard. They've even got a staffy!

Even better than that, the staffy waits patiently while they go and get some chicken. You know they're going to give him a cheeky wing.

Three other amazing things about this Chicken Spot that the photos do not show:

1: It used to have a Bat-Signal style spotlight that pointlessly projected on the ground in front of the bus stop at night.

2: A friend was on an empty night bus going past when the driver stopped to jump out and get some chicken there.

3: After watching this year's League Cup Final at a nearby pub, I ordered chips in a pitta. They microwaved a stale pitta bread and gave it to me in a separate bag to the chips. Christ knows why.

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