Pictures of saveloy in the public domain

The fascinating thing about Flickr is that you can give photos a Creative Commons license. Not only does that mean lazy blogs like us can use them, but it also means the photographers deigned them vital for public discourse. So, who thinks saveloy falls into that definition?

celie does. Has bitten off more than celie can chew and left chips, cod and saveloy all uneaten. Shotgun.

Photoportunity does too. Must live some where t'up north where an entire "bucket" of chips costs 80p and people know what's going on in Coronation Street.

We don't know who erase is but he's clearly been on a camping trip with David Cameron. Davey loves a chipolata.

Happy Dave has a friend in the army. He also likes a bit of sausage. Gay innuendo gets drilled into them in Sandhurst you know.

It's possible that this baby is dead but we can't be bothered to check with jgrnly, or ask why it comes up when you search for saveloy.


  1. I love saveloys, I have a photo of one on my blog. That sign cant be from up here in the north because up here saveloys are like rocking-horse poo. (see my blog for details!)

  2. Oh you linkbaiting tease. You forgot to tell us what your blog is, and I sure as hell can't be bothered to check by clicking on your blogger profile. I would however like a photo of rocking horse poo.


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