Nando's and Frangos next to each other, SPACE TIME CONTINUUM IMPLODES

This is Nando's. It's where people in Hounslow go on Valentine's Day or when they've been promoted. Little known fact: Hounslow is near to the A3006.

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We like Nando's muchly, so you can imagine our horror when we found something called Frangos just metres down the road.

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It's basically Nando's, but the Lemon & Herb sauce tastes of betrayal.

We emailed the press officer at Nando's to check that Frangos wasn't created by a Higgs Boson from the Large Hadron Collider and a sign of imminent universe collapse, but she didn't reply. She must be busy, enjoying her job more than the Pot Noodle Man, who has to make forced jokes to endure the pain of life.

Have you been to Frangos? Does the chicken smell of plagiarism? Let us know, there's a prize for the most vivid description. Maybe.

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