Strangely named chicken shop #1: Eko_unit

This is a real chicken shop in north London. We saw it once in a Camden-inflicted haze and didn't believe it really existed. But Google Street View shows we weren't hallucinating that part of the night at least.

What's got the man's attention here is that there's an actual underscore in the chicken shop's name. That's like how everyone used to put "2000" or @ in everything back in the late nineties. And what's with the name? We can only assume it's trying to associate itself with two things, both of which raise worrying questions about the meat on sale.

A rhino. "Urban" people used to wear this clothing label in about 2003.

Ecco the dolphin. Funny how you never see him around anymore.

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  1. it was the best chicken i had in my life so nice and very friendly service eko unit is the best


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