Fast food chains of the world #1: Little Sheep Hot Pot

It's nice to know that Mongolia has its own fast food chain.
What's wrong with dipping sauce though? I don't know about you, but I'm of the mind that the dipping sauce is the highlight of any Mongolian hotpot. I have had many. Let's look at the history of this leading hotpot brand.

"In 2005 Little Sheep Hot pot firstly was opened in Los Angels, USA. By right of special soup base and a new hot pot concept of without dipping the sauce, Little Sheep Hot Pot quickly was accepted by our customers."

You can see why with a vision like this: "Lamb dedicates all the perfect material to the human, such as hair, skin, blood, meat and bone. Little Lamb is growing and developing in the course of dedication basing in the Lamb Culture. Little Lamb dedicates the benefit to the customer and dedicates the value to the society."

If you don't know what that means, the "Secret of Our Pot" webpage will explain a lot:

"Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Condiment Inc.(hereinafter refer to the “Little Sheep Condiment”) set up in January, 2007 in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. It is the sole base producing the condiment of Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Co,. Ltd."

Little Sheep Hot Pot has big plans for its condiment line: "In future, Little Sheep Condiment will be at the top of condiment industry and open to the world." Slow down Little Sheep!

What are the branches like? Here's the San Mateo, California branch.

"Our guests can appreciate the BBQ skill through the glass as well as taste the delicous BBQ." THEY CAN EAT THE FOOD.

It's the Houston branch that's got us salivating though. "You will have a different experience during the meal." No idea what this involves.

Here's the website for it. Sadly Little Sheep Hot Pot doesn't have any mascots for children. Genghis Khan is much less intimidating than Ronald McDonald, or the cripple from Burger King Kids' Club.

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