Fast food chains of the world #3: Snack Point Charlie

We're off on a little road trip today to Berlin in Germany, the home of breaded foodstuffs, weiners and people with no sense of humour. Except in this case - here's the famous Check Point Charlie.
What does some entrepreneurial Berliner set up next to this ever so ironical commercial tourist attraction commemorating communism? Snack Point Charlie, of course.
Best mascot ever on the sign. He makes Ronald McDonald look like a gulag guard.
It's actually a complex with lots of little takeaways. You wouldn't find that sort of initiative on the East side of the wall.
Check out that bit of '89 right there on the window. Why the hell is it in English though?

Anyone eaten here?

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  1. I have eaten here, it is OK. It's in English because the pun wouldn't work otherwise, and everyone in Berlin speaks English anyway.


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