A lesson in what not to call your chicken shop

I don't run a chicken shop. But I think I'd be better than most people who do. Let me lay some home truths down on y'all about takeaway signage with a tour around some of the worst offenders in London.

1) Your abbreviation needs to stand for something

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You can't just call your shop "random letter FC". What the hell does the H stand for? Acronyms FTW, WTF etc etc. No.

2) Your chicken won't sound fresh if your sign isn't

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What an anachronox. I'd rather eat at 1983 Chicken than here. What's really weird is that the phone number has an 020 dialing code. For the less sad among you, they didn't come in until the year 2000, suggesting this place was out of date from the start. FAIL.

3) You need to specify a location if you're going to use a place name

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Whether you're going by city, postcode, or misspelt American state, remember to specify it please. You can't name a chicken shop by an Anglo-Saxon method of partitioning the country. You wouldn't call a place Hectare Kebab would you?

4) Stating the bloody obvious just raises questions
REAL FRIED CHICKEN? As opposed to what exactly? Dixie Pigeon? Awful, awful, awful.

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