Yorkshire Fried Chicken is just too northern to be true

So far, we've only encountered chicken shops that replace the word Kentucky with imaginary American states and Democratic presidents. Never did we think we'd see something this, well, brilliantly northern: the Y in YFC in Leeds does indeed stand for Yorkshire.

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So, this is where people with no access to sunlight go for their chippy teas of a Friday. Or it would do if it was open - look closely and you'll see YFC Chicken Grill is having a makeover. What do you suppose it looked like before? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we know:
There's so much right with this photo. It's just too grim. The sign's got that magnificent mix of inexplicable Yorkshire pride of being Yorkshire born and bred with completely contradictory Arabic writing. Best of all though, the photographer's shot it in such a depressing light that for a second we were convinced this was a location used in Red Riding. Pathetic fallacy at its absolute apex.

(Thanks, @Leedsgrub)


  1. Your welcome! This place just makes me giggle! The arabic writing I believe says 'Halal' it is on a lot of take aways up here.

    I love the way that the shop has become such a brand that they just say YFC now and everyone knows what it means!

  2. I assume that's because everyone is related to each other :)


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