Takeaways unofficially endorsed by famous people #6: Simpson's Pizzeria

Yup, it's yet another Leeds takeaway using famous cartoon characters to flog its wares.

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The best thing about this place, other than the door that's not a door, has to be the apostrophe on the sign.

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Grammatically, there's nothing wrong for once, so long as there's only one Simpson running the damn place. But there's no punctuation in an actual Simpsons logo. Someone's gone out of their way to stick this one in, for reasons we can't fathom. Also, Lisa appears to be violating Maggie in a way that would make Joseph Fritzl blush.

Thanks for the spot, @Leedsgrub.


  1. I spotted another one on Monday, but its too new to be on Street View so I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for that one. BTW I do have a job. Really.

  2. If you really had a job, you would have the initiative to go and take a photo. You *know* we'll publish it :)


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