Taco Bell time travel!

The fast food connoisseurs among you might wonder why Taco Bell never tried to expand over here in the US of K. If that is, like me, you should be doing something useful with your life but aren't.
Actually, it turns out, Taco Bell did. This photo was taken in Leicester Square back in 1989, when photography was all done on film, women weren't allowed to wear skirts above the ankle for fear of death by sharia law and traffic lights were apparently blue instead of green. It didn't last more than a few years though, but Wikipedia says Taco Bell is planing on coming back now that Joe Public knows what Mexican food is and we're all buying fast food because of the recession.

This is Wikipedia, mind. What, you think I'm going to bother following through references? Hells no. Oh, in case you were wondering what's there now:

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TGI Friday's, mofo!

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  1. OMG. I remember when I first found out you could get MEXICAN FAST FOOD in America. Truly, they do not realise what they've got, bitching and moaning about the fucking economy. MEXICAN FAST FOOD. Anyway, when I went to the states, therefore, for the first time in 2003 making a trip to Taco Bell was a serious priority for me. I eventually got to one in Chicago, where I ate the seven layer burrito (to this day, I have not worked out what the seventh layer was...) and me and my travelling companion decided to spend the evening daring each other to eat sachets of their fiery hot sauce on the top bunk of the youth hostel we were staying at. GOOD TIMES.


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