Takeaway signs using Microsoft Word fonts #2: Chompers

Balloon seems to be a popular choice for fast food joints looking to get some aesthetic appeal on the cheap. Not really sure why, as the state of Chompers in Cambridge shows how little it helps your business:
Chompers is a bit of an institution amongst students in the city, largely for only appearing at places where there's little to no chance of people walking past. Until last weekend, the only time I ever saw it, it was hovering some way outside the English department, on a road which had no pavement, and was pretty much a country lane. AT NIGHT. A side view of the trailer will help illustrate how little trade it gets and why:
A few questions spring to mind. Why is the license plate number printed on paper? What help did the owner think scrawling OPEN on the door with a felt tip would be? Does it cater for any events at all? We're considering setting ourselves up as fast food marketing consultants, as there's no way we could be anything other than shit hot at it.

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